Watch: Politicians Rush to Put on Masks as Broadcast Starts Early…

Watch: Politicians Rush to Put on Masks as Broadcast Starts Early...
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Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson discusses notions of gender equality with the Wright Stuff panel including Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party.

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The world is a stage, politicians are the actors, commentators are extras, and we the people, the audience.

Why I don’t believe what anything any person in the government said only Trump he was straight forward

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Democrats are evil

since we all know the covid virus is BS and the vaccine is BS why don;t we all just stop the masquerade and go back to normal.

Is there some reason you democrats can not do that?

Sandra B

This is part of the Deep State plan for their reset to a totalitarian state.. do not comply. It’s all BS to control you, including the jabs.. Scare tactics being used so you actually want to kill yourself and they win their depopulation agenda. Stand up for your rights, which have been violated daily since this whole situation began. Do not act like sheep going to the slaughter. This is America and we must protect it and our rights to be free here. The Deep State has taken control of our country through infiltration by foreign entities. Anyone helping them is a traitor. Those perpetrating this worldwide agenda are the few and we are the many who can take them down. They are psychopaths, so you must never listen to them through the mainstream news or big tech sites. Think for yourselves and use discernment; then you will see the truth to protect your lives.