Watch Peter Doocy Destroy Psaki with FBI Wanted Poster…

Watch Peter Doocy Destroy Psaki with FBI Wanted Poster...
Image From Video Below...

Dinesh D’Souza – Doocy was ready for this one.

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Her problem is that she thinks we’re stupid.

Gaslighting. The Biden admin didn’t “press” anyone. This admin has this country bent over a barrel with no lube.

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Briben biden

If Psaki isn’t lying she isn’t talking.

Remember when the dtupid trump haters had to make up lies they claimed trump said. Remember all the times they said trump was lying and now we know he wasn’t.

We sure don’t have to do that with these disgusting evil tyrannical democrat fascists.

And a every good F#@k biden morning to you too.

Barbara Hartley

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Gabe hanzeli

Yup democrats lie about everything all the time.

You can not trust any democrat ever.

Yes yes . A very good F&$k biden, his administration and perverted cult following to you as well.


Well Psaki probably lies about taking a dump and watching porn too.

F#c biden


Of course she is lying.

How could you honestly defend this pervert president and his corrupt administration.

Its like trying to defend Obama and fauci building the covid 19 virus.

Phuc biden

hope his whole family dies of covid

Democrats hate

Psaki use to be better at lying. I guess it is getting harder to cover for the corrupt administration

Good F%!k biden morning to all of you too.

George floyd

Psaki is just another dumb arrogant bitch democrat. Constantly lying and thinking she is so clever we don’t see right through her bul schiff.

Hope you all have a nice ph#@k biden Tuesday


I just want to add f&%k biden

Nathanal Washington III

Aside from psaki wear oddly frumpy clothes and having a really plain face that white girl sure lies a lot.

[email protected] biden to you too


We can post F…Biden, we can run around saying it, But the truth of the matter we know who is really getting F….ed. Long hard and continuous! Why can’t the republican/conservative party see that this is a Tranny Government? I really think they do and to much of a coward to use the 2nd Amendment right. If your not going to use it then you don’t need it. It’s not in the Constitution for nothing else but to protect yourself from a Tranny Government. Not to protect yourself, personal property, or love ones, to hunt or for sport. How much longer are they gonna just sit and watch this Administration destroy this nation? They just proved to you and the world steal a election, so beating them at the ballot box is wishful thanking because their is no one to stop them. they go unchallenged by anyone. Words and threats are not going to stop them it’s gonna take force. Nothing else will.!!


Psaki is a sack of sh*t!!!

Gideon Rockwell

The Democrat’s trying ti legitimize their gross negligence is an insult to the intelligence of even the mentally challenged. These Marxist Sycophants have no shame. They will lie straight faced and then tell you “Are you going to believe your own eyes or what we tell you the truth is?”. I believe you have to be a pathological liar to be a Democrat.


She’s a pathological liar, she fake and phoney, like the rest of the DEMO party


Sorry Peter didn’t ask how much we will pay for our citizens to come home.