Watch Pelosi Throw a Tantrum Over a Very Simple Question…

Watch Pelosi Throw a Tantrum Over a Very Simple Question...
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The Next News Network – Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, On Wednesday morning, far-left House speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter after being questioned about her strategy in handling the debt ceiling.

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This is exactly why Term LIMITS need to be in place. Career Politicians in office longer than the “Elected” POTUS 50+Years

They put dogs down for less sickness than hers, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, not that she ever had one.

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Listen to this sick,pathetic,ignoramous, woman, she like hidenbiden they are nothing but tyrants, trying to destroy America, by allowing the country to be invaded by illegals from around the world. We need to end this,or we have no country.

R p

IF We The People banned together and Demand that this Dog Face Lying Pony Soldier needs to be IMPRISONED. Pelosi Pollack , Schumer Schmuck , Bass Mouth Water’s All deserve the same Treatment.