WATCH: Pelosi Claims, ‘Everything I do is about the children’

WATCH: Pelosi Claims, 'Everything I do is about the children'
Image Screenshot From MSNBC YouTube Video Below.

Pro-abortion Democrat Nancy Pelosi has recently claimed that everything she does is for the children of America. She said this on Thursday while she slammed President Donald Trump for his actions concerning the coronavirus.

Pelosi has always supported the taxpayer-funded abortion. She has always been a crucial disruptor against a new bill aiming to protect newborns from infanticide, but she told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that her main focus has always been the well-being of the children.

Nancy Pelosi and other democrats recently disrupted a bill that would prevent infanticide and provide medical care and treatment facilities for babies born alive after a failed abortion. It was undoubtedly an important pro-life legislation. The actual motion included the H.R. 962, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. By defeating the motion, it became the 81st time that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the democrats have stopped members of Congress from approving a very crucial pro-life legislation. Only three democrats joined the republicans to support the legislation.

The Congress must pass another relief bill to support mail-in voting system and schools reopening for the children, according to Nancy Pelosi. This relief bill could be one significant supportive measure for the children.

When it comes to providing better education, the people need to understand what the children actually need. The republicans have already rejected the American Association of Superintendents of Schools experts’ opinions, but according to Nancy, it’s about the future of children.

The California-based politician went on further to slam President Trump’s administration for blocking the democrats’ proposal of providing additional money for schools and other programs.

Nancy Pelosi has five children and is also a grandmother of nine children. That is why she stated that she really worries about the children of America.

She also said that one of the most terrible things to have happened is the coronavirus pandemic, but that the Americans should all be united to defeat it and to stop the spread of the virus. People need to have testing, do contact tracing, observe social distancing, follow safety measures, and keep in mind all the rest of the important things that are required to defeat COVID-19.

According to Nancy Pelosi, minority children are more vulnerable to the virus. It is an undeniable fact that many minority children are killed in abortion, but Pelosi never supported the protection of those children.

The report published by The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute in 2016 showed 926,200 deaths due to abortion. Black women accounted 28% of the total number.

Abortion-induced deaths in the black community is way higher than deaths due to HIV, homicides, cancers, and heart diseases.

Though Pelosi always claims that she is a Catholic, she has always been famous as a radical pro-abortion democrat. She always supports the idea of abortion. She has always been active in blocking legislations aimed to protect newborns who survive abortion from infanticide.

As a house speaker, she always tried to eradicate the pro-life policies made by the Trump Administration and allowed the funding of several helpful programs cut, including planned parenthood and other abortion businesses. She has always criticized the pro-life pregnancy centers that provide support to mothers and babies, but she still claims herself to be pro-choice.

The democratic leader always stands as an obstacle against the religious freedom for the very faith that she claims to be a part of. Earlier this year, she got involved in an argument against the Little Sisters of the Poor ⁠— a charity run by nuns who do not support the Obamacare Contraception Mandate. The US Supreme Court finally ruled in the favor of the nuns in July.