Watch Now: The ‘Goodbye Pelosi’ Countdown Has Begun…

Watch Now The 'Goodbye Pelosi' Countdown Has Begun...
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Newsmax TV
– The countdown to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s removal has begun, says longtime political strategist Dick Morris – along with a midterm election “shellacking” for the Democrats.

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I don’t simply want them voted out of office, I want to see them in prison…

Unless, the cheating is stopped, nothing will change.

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If it wasn’t for cheating, and pure fraud, the dummycraps would never win an election. But being the repukes, are to stupid to see the cheating, and when they do,oh well,ya don’t care, is rsmarkable.They won’t even question the fraud when it smacks them in the face. They show what spineless,worthless,sellouts they are, hardly any politicians, can be trusted, screw ya all,i won’t vote for u.