Watch Now: Omicron symptoms mild, says doctor who spotted it…

Watch Now: Omicron symptoms mild, says doctor who spotted it...
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Reuters – A South African doctor who was among the first ones in the country to suspect a different variant of the coronavirus among patients said on Sunday (November 28) that symptoms of the Omicron variant were so far mild and could be treated at home.

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This is just more fear mongering and theater!!!! Variants of viruses happen normally and are expected. There will be more coming as well. Making policy decisions based on ZERO data is not only stupid but also dangerous.

LMFAO! How many variants in one year will you sheep swallow? What are we up to now 7-8 variants in one year?! Don’t forget your uber effective shot…oh wait, not so effective and you need many boosters….oh wait on top of the boosters you will now need multiple shots and a new one every few months. Seriously how dumb are you people?

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But wait! Fake Dr fauci said we must all run and hide and get death shot of mRNA experimental drugs to stave off the horrible “o” variant!

It sounds a lot like the common cold.

How could fauci, biden and their massively costly medical teams be so wrong?

Oh wait they are always wrong.