Watch Now: Judge Approves Unsealing Docs Tying Clinton to Epstein…

Watch Now: Judge Approves Unsealing Docs Tying Clinton to Epstein...
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The Next News Network – Nick Monroe from The Post Millennial reports, A federal judge has approved the unsealing of another round of documents related to formerly close Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell. The highlight of public interest being any evidence financially linking the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation to her.

Top Comments:

That judge did not kill himself.

Our courts are not trustworthy anyway. Our system needs an overhaul.

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Stacy Dougherty

I was wondering why the Clinton’s are being so quite and hiding behind the scenes? OF course the Clinton foundation was a money laundering scheme. Hello the general public knew that cause we did have some good real journalist reporting the money trail of the foundation! What is ticking me off is the fact that this material evidence does not come out until 3 or 5 yrs later down the road when we needed it like the Hunter Biden laptop crimes we needed all our news outlets reporting not suppressing that evidence before elections of his Father Joe Biden! What holding up the due process?
What ever happened to a speedy trial?