Watch Now: Classic Joe Biden and Another Little Girl…

Watch Now Classic Joe Biden and Another Little Girl...
Image From Video Below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – Classic Joe Biden.

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Who in their right mind would let their kids near him, HOLY SHIT

It seems like the only time he’s aware of his surroundings at all is when there is a pre pubescent girl in them

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Is Biden a pedophile or just a dirty, demented old man?


At least he didn’t pinch her nipple like he did to a little girl in a video I watched of him posted earlier today. In that video the little girl clearly backed away after he did the pinch. This guy should be behind bars.


for the life of me i cannot see how parents with little kids especially little girls in any kind of sensibility let there kids be anywhere near this pervert how many more little girls does he get to molest before someone finally has the balls to teach this old demented pedophile pervert a lesson and give him what he deserves,what the hell are these parents thinking dont we as parents have the right to protect are kids from guys like this enough is enough already!!!!!


He a stinking pedophile.


He needs to be in jail!


So disgusting. I would never let my daughters near him. Pervert.

Shut Yer Pieholes


So you think the solution to the incredible loss of liberty FOREVER should not be the focus but rather inventing dirt on the dementia-ridden Biden for being near a little girl? Biden is a monster – even the left knows it.

Hey folks, our country is in flames. When you act the fool as if you’re a damned leftist you tar thinking people like me and my patriot friends who give a damned as if we’re all as big of idiots as the leftists are.

United Patriot News is officially no better than CNN. This is called CLICK BAIT.

I’ve tried to unsubscribe to this GARBAGE and they don’t honor that. What a surprise.

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The Big Guy has been a dirty old man for years… Hunter takes out of his father…


The look in his eye tells you all you need to know. But then you should expect it. All Democrats are perverts. That is why they are Democrats. They want a society where sex with children is allowed.