WATCH: MyPillow CEO and CNN’s Anderson Cooper Go Off

WATCH: MyPillow CEO and CNN's Anderson Cooper Go Off
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Did you happen to catch the recent interview of CNN’s Anderson Cooper with the My Pillow founder and big supporter of Donald Trump, Mike Lindell? It went off track when Cooper called Lindell a “snack oil salesman”, and insulted him by asking him how he sleeps at night.

They both kept trading blows for more than 20 minutes during that bizarre, heated interview. This particular interview was conducted over Lindell’s effort to promote an unproven coronavirus therapeutic drug called Oleandrin, which he has been pushing President Donald Trump to promote.

The interview session fell apart all of a sudden when Cooper asked the question about Lindell’s morality — all because he has been trying to push an unproven therapeutic drug that he has a strong financial connection with. Cooper directly asked Lindell how he was able to sleep soundly at night after doing something so morally wrong.

Lindell was talking about the use of Oleandrin as a potential coronavirus treatment, and he has referred to it as “the miracle of all the time”. Lindell also claimed that this therapeutic drug has been already tested on over a thousand people, and the results were positive. However, in that interview with Anderson Cooper, he was clearly uncomfortable when he was asked to show the test results. Lindell could not provide any details of the tests that he claimed had already been done. No test results have been made public. These are all just some verbal statements made by Lindell. After being frustrated enough, Lindell said that the FDI hasn’t published the final result yet.

Eventually, very famous reporter Anderson Cooper slammed Lindell by comparing him with a “snake oil salesman” from the Old West. He also said that Lindell has no background on either medicine or science. All he has is the financial stake with the company. Throughout the whole interview, Lindell repeatedly claimed that a study on thousands of people had been done, but every time he was asked about demonstrating a source or evidence of that study, Lindell could not show or say anything specific about the study.

The truth is that this drug has not been tested anywhere outside one lab in a test tube, but still Lindell claims that this therapeutic drug is the cure to the novel coronavirus. It’s like misleading people for pure business gain, according to Cooper.

In reply, when Lindell asked why someone would push something that won’t work, the straightforward answer from Cooper was, “Money.”

When Lindell asked why he would do something that could potentially damage his reputation, Cooper said that he has no great reputation.

The big question is, why did the media even choose Lindell? He clearly has no medical or scientific background and it’s very obvious that he won’t be able to answer the medical questions. The CNN media could have taken the interview of any of the scientist or doctor associated with the drug company that manufactures the therapeutic drug called Oleandrin.

With the way Cooper wa able to dismantle the My Pillow CEO, it looks like he should not even be allowed to sell pillows, says W. Kamau Bell, the host of “United Shades of America”.

Lindell claimed that this drug has been tested, but when he was unable to provide the information about the study he referred, he said the FDA has had all the research since April. However, no spokesperson from the FDA has been available to confirm the Lindell’s claim until now.

When asked about the Oleandrin last week, Trump said that he would look into it. According to the President, the FDA has been really working hard, and that the administration is very close to producing a proper vaccine.