WATCH: McEnany Slams Portland mayor

WATCH: McEnany Slams Portland mayor
Image Screenshot From Fox Business YouTube Video Below.

A large number of companies are vacating their offices in Portland’s downtown area because of the on-going nightly Black Lives Matter riots. The riots have made this area a no-go zone for the businesses, according to the report by NY Post.

According to Andrew Hoan, the president and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance (PBA), businesses are leaving. The financial consequences of the riots in the downtown area is so significant that they have lost massive amounts of money. One company in the downtown area has already stated that they incurred a total business loss of $20 million along with the damages.

According to Hoan, there are blocks and blocks of plywood, lots of graffiti to be seen, and the major portion of the damages in the downtown area still remain unrepaired. The overall scenario in the city gives the impression that going downtown is not a good idea.

Portland has already seen 83 consecutive nights of vandalism, destruction, and riots, all in the name of protests. Very recently, another riot took place when a mob made its way to a government building while smashing things and setting fires on the way.

Standard Insurance is one of such companies that have made the decision to evacuate its operation from downtown. It has already switched a major portion of its 2100 employees to a site just outside the city.

Bob Speltz, the senior spokesperson of the company, has stated that they have already sustained significant vandalism, and that their employees and contractors were assaulted multiple times by the BLM protesters. The company no longer feels safe in the downtown area.

The current situation in Portland is out of control. After another night of street clashes very recently, President Donald Trump told the officials to bring in the National Guard which is ready to act immediately. The President pushed at City Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown to send in the National Guard. The Democratic officials are putting the lives of the residents at risk by not taking any measures.

The President’s call for action to bring in the National Guard came after a recent riot in Portland where protesters blocked the streets, set fires on public and private properties in the city, and set a dumpster on fire outside the Police Union building.

Trump already said that if the city officials don’t solve the problem quickly, the National Guard will be sent and they would solve the on-going problem as quickly as they did on Minneapolis. The city officials have limited time on their hands. If they don’t act quickly, the National Guard would be given the authority to take matters into their own hands.

In an interview with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler by saying, “The federal agents appointed there have the only jurisdiction to protect the court house. What we have seen with these riots are they’ve been happening in places far away from the courthouse or at least not there.”

From what we’ve seen, Mayor Wheeler, who used to march alongside the rioters that he called peaceful rioters, finally admit that he could have been wrong. The moment they locked 20 federal officers and civilians in a building and tried to set the building on fire, the mayor finally admitted that it is considered attempted murder.

“It’s just unacceptable and it’s up to the Mayor to control his street,” says McEnany. All we can see are the Democrats supporting many crimes and murders, reducing the number of police forces, freeing thousands of criminals, and allowing violent mobs to take over the city. They are causing damage to our great nation.