WATCH: Massive Bags Of Mail Are Dumped In California

WATCH: Massive Bags Of Mail Are Dumped In California
Image Screenshot From CBS Los Angeles YouTube Video Below.

There has been an on-going heated debate over the mail-in votes for the upcoming presidential election in United States on November 3rd. While the Democrats have been pushing for the mail-in voting, the Republicans are against it, worrying about the potential fraudulent activities associated to it.

A very recent incident has somehow justified the Republicans’ fear of the potential voting scam. Last week, massive loads of sealed United States Postal Service mails and packages were found in two different locations in Southern California. We are just a few weeks ahead of the November election, and incidents like this have taken a toll on the trust factor of the mail-in voting for sure.

But what exactly happened?

The first incident happened Thursday morning when the police received an anonymous phone call about the stolen mail and the things dumped in an alley, Glendale Police Sgt. Christian Hauptmann said to the Los Angeles Times.

The second incident was recorded in a surveillance camera of Medical Salon’s parking lot.

The video footage of the surveillance camera was first shared by the KLTA-TV. The footage shows the parking lot of the medical salon where a rental truck was reversing. A man then came down from the truck and unloaded big packages of mail and large bags from inside the rental truck to the ground of the parking lot.

The incident took place at 5:30 in the morning. The rental truck appeared and reversed in the parking lot. After a while, one man jumped down from the truck and slowly started unloading the bags of mail one by one, stated Lilia Serobian, one of the owners of the medical salon.

She further added that the truck left a large pile of mails. It was clearly not USPS’ truck.

The second place where similar bags were unloaded is less than a mile away from the first place.

Evelina Ramirez, the spokesperson of USPS, told the Times that the US Postal Inspection service is the law enforcement, crime prevention, and security wing of the Postal Service. In order to maintain the integrity of the investigation and to prevent any sort of unfairness on the subjects of the investigations, the US Postal Inspection will not comment about the on-going investigation.

The strange mail drops incident comes as USPN has been in the limelight of discussion ahead of the US Presidential Election on November 3.

The Democrats are strongly pushing for the mail-in vote election, and they are claiming to mainly focus on the security of the postal service as the top priority. They are even weaponizing the pandemic to inject fear into the minds of the voters for the sole purpose of implementing widespread mail-in voting throughout the nation. The Democrats are also spreading the conspiracy theory of Donald Trump dismantling the USPS to manipulate the election results.

Xavier Beccera, the Attorney General of California, recently joined a lawsuit to prevent routine operational changes at the USPS, which has strengthened the conspiracy theory even more.

According to Becerra’s statement, the US Postal Service is an American Institute. It works as a lifeline for many Americans for their paychecks, social security, and medicine. It also serves as a medium of connection with their loved ones. President Trump is sabotaging the USPS, which is a huge blow to the democracy and a hindrance to the people’s freedom to vote. The voting right is a sacred one.