Watch: Looters looting other looters in San Francisco…

Watch: Looters looting other looters in San Francisco...
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Sean Hannity – Looters looting other looters in San Francisco

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Dozens of looters showing up at the same place at the same time are not “random acts”

Reminds me of the monkeys out of the original Jumanji

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Everything your pundits said is totally correct BUT – and this is a GUARANTEE – the point of the commentary will be lost as the terminally “woke”, easily offended, blue-haired SJW contingent grabs onto that “like the monkeys in Jumanji” comment, seeing therein a racist comparison between these predominantly Black looters and monkeys. Nope, no one will be talking about violent looters fighting to steal the stolen stuff from other violent looters who stole the stuff originally (which is flat out hilarious and which undercuts every claim the Left may make about this kind of behavior). Nope, it will be about what a bunch of racist scum you are. Unfortunately, you cannot give these folks any chance to redirect the conversation in favor of their own narrative.