Watch Liberal Reporter Rips Mask Off When He Thinks the Cameras Aren’t Rolling.


A brief press conference was held by President Trump celebrating Dow Jones for hitting 30,000 as an all-time first in history.

Reporters from several media outlets negatively reacted immediately after the conference after the president refused to take any questions. As expected, the journalists didn’t stop throwing successive questions from Trump as he leaves the venue. The president, though, paid them no attention.

However, moments after President Trump left the room, something interesting happened.

Jonathan Karl, ABC News White House Correspondent, took off his mask when he thought nobody else was looking and the cameras had stopped rolling. Karl has often lectured the president on not wearing a mask.

Hypocrite, isn’t it?

Karl then faced and spoke to the person at his back without the proper face protection.

The footage below shows how phony the reporter is. There are a lot of them out there.