WATCH: Kyle Rittenhouse Speaks Out From Jail

Kyle Rittenhouse rose to fame in the aftermath of the Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting. People began calling him their savior and a gun-rights activist bearing the “Blue lives matter” slogan.

There seems to be a completely different angle in the shooting which charged Kyle Rittenhouse murder when he shot three people in close range. He garnered both support and protests regarding the incident.

It became so intense that President Donald Trump voiced his opinion.

After his arrest, the shooter has spoken from the prison and thanked his supporters in it.


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The video, barely a minute long, was apparently shot by John Price, one of the attorneys representing Kyle Rittenhouse. A picture was also tweeted by the former as he held the phone for Rittenhouse to speak via speakerphone.

What does Kyle Rittenhouse had to say to his fans?

Interestingly, John Price referred to his supporters as his fans. Since its upload on Youtube last September 1st, the video had hundreds of thousands of views within minutes.

In the video, Kyle Rittenhouse says, “I just wanna thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart for the underlying [sic] support. … I want to thank all of you for the mail I’ve been receiving. It’s been really helpful. I just want to let you all known that I’m going to be out of here soon, and stay strong, and I hope to see you guys soon.”

What John Price, Rittenhouse’s attorney, had to say?

As the fiasco unfolds in and near Kenosha, Wisconsin, Rittenhouse’s lawyer said, “If this is not self-defense for Kyle Rittenhouse under these circumstances, then no one can protect themselves, no one can protect their family, and no one can protect their country.”

What happened before the shooting?

Although there were red flags on the profile of Kyle Rittenhouse on social media, nothing alarmed the officials. The teen was just voicing his opinion, yet showed that he was holding a weapon and is not afraid to use it.

What was disturbing is that the shooter said to have driven 20 miles before he shot three people. He carried his semi-automatic rifle all the way through where the action was. In fact, he is even seen photographed with his rifle before the shooting.

A disturbing photo shows he and another civilian are armed and walking with the guns to be ready for combat.

He headed towards the protests concerning “Black Lives Matter” taking place in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He came to Kenosha intending to protect public property.

When a reporter asked if he was non-lethal, he simply pointed towards his weapon, saying, “We don’t have non-lethal.”

Protest and Support

Opinions are divided both on authorities and civilians. Many people have protested Kyle Rittenhouse and the way he took matters into his own hands.

Some authorities said that the shooting has only made the already bad or chaotic situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to become a murder scene. Authorities found it challenging to contain the violence of both the protesters and supporters ever since.

Who supported Kyle Rittenhouse?

Two prominent supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse surfaced. They came out in support as they deemed that he shot in self-defense. Funds have been pouring from white supremacist activists, Christian organizations, and the fightback foundation.

An estimated $ 1,000,000 currently summed the donations. President Donald Trump has not gone on record to suggest that Kyle Rittenhouse was “trying to get away.”

The President’s suggestion goes on to side with the story that Kyle Rittenhouse did not initiate the shooting. It also meant that he was trying to keep his distance away from the people trying to attack him.

TV hosts, bloggers, and news reports were conservative, who suggested that he was merely shooting for self-defense.

Regardless of how people feel about the incident, it is likely that the six charges would be upheld for the shooting of three people, two of which are already dead.