Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Rips Joe Biden Apart

Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Rips Joe Biden Apart
Image Screenshot From Fox News YouTube Video Below.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany owned the liberals at a press briefing in the White House.

This morning, she made an appearance on Fox News and was geared for an exciting interview. It was a seven-minute one-on-one, and she certainly knocked Joe Biden out with her fascinating answers. Most of the questions directed at McEnany were about Biden and his campaigns, but the last bit was slightly different. She spilled the beans on Atlantic’s hit piece on Trump.

Biden has mastered the skills of staging things up and making fluffy statements. Joe forged ahead with AFL-CIO, hurling nothing but a bunch of lies to his faithful union buddies. The man has some guts to not even think for a minute, before making up false stories and misleading the citizens of our country. Joe Biden accused President Trump of being the first president whose ruling tenure is nearing an end with a higher unemployment rate than he originally started his presidential tenure with. Did he forget the fact that no other president had to encounter a pandemic of such scale? There has been no outbreak this massive that ever hit during an American President’s tenure before. Isn’t the entire world down in the dumps, trying to battle the severe and menacing virus outbreak?

Why is the staggering old man lying? Of course, he is only reading off a teleprompter, and that’s no secret. What’s the harm in keeping his emotions in check, especially at a time like this?

McEnany did not shy away from shedding limelight on a video clip where Biden is seen stating that he and ex-President Obama were dismayed to keep an eye on the slow and staggering recovery of America. Employment rates have been dwindling. There’s no growth whatsoever. Even the experts came to the conclusion that America is doomed under Trump’s presidential rule.

She did not sulk while the President and his administrative choices were being attacked. She took a strong front and explained the truth in some great words. Why is Joe not speaking of the surging recovery rates from the doomed COVID crisis? Is he scared? Little did old Joe realize that the economic turnovers asserted by him and his so-called intellectual friends have flipped. Instead of the catastrophic results they were expecting, the economy in America has surpassed these assertions. In fact, the country is looking for a brighter and booming turnover in the near future.

Only Trump’s administration kept assuring the people that the spike in unemployment is temporary. They said that they would stop at nothing to return the unemployment rate to the original 8.4%. Of course, the ideal would be to lower the unemployment rate even more. However, it is no easy route. What the administration of the President is currently dealing with is a V-shaped recovery.

Speeding things up to help the country recover is the top priority. Unfortunately, the blue states are constantly doing things that cripple the economy of their very own states.

The host further questioned Kayleigh about the conspiracy theory doing the rounds, which was successfully fabricated by the famous Biden and Harris duo. “The coronavirus vaccine is nothing but a myth,” said the duo. “People should refrain from using it if the vaccine ever sees the light of the day.”

McEnany scorned and laughed at the absurdity of the theories they are making up. What will they say next, that the President is cooking the chemical combo himself? It is the scientists working around the clock to figure out an effective vaccination to put a stop to this outbreak.

President Trump would never rush and flood the markets with an unproven cure for the coronavirus. The lefts are great at cooking up stories and making confident yet false statements on media channels. “It is pretty bold, I must say,” remarked Kayleigh.

The last part of the interview was the perfect icing on the cake. The Atlantic claimed that President Trump had ridiculed the dead soldiers as “losers”, instead of addressing them as brave fighters. To this, McEnany said that more than 19 people have denied such a statement.

They have gone on record to state that these are rumors and are far from the truth. The list of people also includes General Kelly’s assistant. Why on earth would the assistant lie? John Bolton, who is very much against Trump, recently stated that the accusation was rubbish.

A classic McEnany interview for sure. “It was more than a pleasant experience to have her in the interview,” remarked the host.