Watch: Kamala’s New Ad Promoting Socialism


Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, made a final pitch two days before the national election. In a video posted on Twitter, Harris attempted to push a socialist ideology.

Sen. Kamala Harris explained the difference between “equality” and “equity” in the graphical video. The senator concluded, “equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

“So there’s a big difference between equality and equity,” Harris began in the video posted on Sunday. It illustrated two individuals climbing a mountain.


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Each of them was given a rope. The White man used the rope to begin his assault. However, the Black man couldn’t reach the rope because he was on a lower ground.

Harris explains, “Equality suggests ‘Oh everyone should get the same amount.’” And said, the problem with equality is that not everyone starts out at the same place. So, if the two individuals were given the same amount of resources yet located in separate places, they still wouldn’t attain the same goal.

“It’s about giving people the resources and the support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing and then compete on equal footing,” the senator continued as the illustration show the Black man was held up to help him reach the rope.

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,” the senator concluded.

While the video may seem inspiring at first, it drew backlash from numerous social media users. 

“Equity through government force inevitably puts one group at a disadvantage to another to social engineer outcomes. That’s not fair or equitable,” one commented.

Another user said the leftists are finally open on their support of the “most repressive system of organizing society.”

One also commented that Harris had been openly campaigning on communism since November 1.

GovTrack has rated Harris to be the most left-wing senator last year. She became notorious in her racial views and advocacy of the Green New Deal, including her support for Medicare for All.

Harris only became lowkey during the campaign with Biden, even attempting to appear as moderate.

In a 2019 Democrat primary race, the senator said the country must “have and adopt a Green New Deal.” She drew proposals during a CNN’s Climate Change Town Hall, proposing to change dietary guidelines through the reduction of red meat consumption. 

“I’ve actually worked on this issue in the past, and it’s about consumer awareness,” Harris said.