Watch: Kamala’s Insane Remarks on Rural America…

Watch: Kamala's Insane Remarks on Rural America...
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Fox News – Senate candidate J.D. Vance weighs in on backlash over the VP’s assessment of rural America.

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The only people more ignorant than a Democrat politician is a Democrat voter.

And they made fun of Trump, they claimed he wasn’t Presidential, now look at what we have in the Whitehouse, dumb and dumber!

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Iam in the country and have 2 cars and a motorcycle . 3 people have driver license in my family . 3 are to young to drive . We have no problem getting to vote . So what the hell is she talking about saying we can’t get to vote ??? All the neighbors have no problem getting to vote . Not all of us are bare footed country bonkins like she’s trying to say . We do drive pick ups and motorcycles . some times we take a horse to town , specialy on nice days it’s a nice ride . Voting is not the problem for anyone . It’s the lies and people the delusional democrats use for voters fraud that’s the problem . She thinks she fooling everyone by saying we can’t vote . Why is it we need a ID to get the China virus vaccine, but not to vote ??? Try buying cigarettes or alcohol with no ID . Trust me , we have ID’s to buy them and to get our China virus vaccine .


This woman is a pathetic,embicile. How long do we have to endure this clown show?

John Skelton

Typical democrat moron. Elitists think that they know everything and the rest of us are dumbasses. Well we know different and if we want to make sure people like her (those who sleep their way into politics) are not put in positions of having ANY effect on our lives. Conservatives outnumber liberals in this country, and if we vote for wants right, we can marginalize the liberals dream of a socialist utopia, because socialism only leads to one thing, loss of the freedoms we enjoy. If you really listen to a liberal talk you’ll hear that their opinion is the only one they will allow, and to me that’s a loss of our freedom of speech, then freedom of religion, we know how they feel about the right to bear arms. We need to defeat them in the ballot box, but we need to make absolutely sure that our elections are secure from fraudulent ballots, and if that means some people have to get off their ass and get a ID or have someone take them to the polling place, well so be it.