WATCH: Kamala Harris Wants To Confiscate Your Guns

WATCH: Kamala Harris Wants To Confiscate Your Guns
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

There’s already a strong effort to make voters believe that the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris would support an irrational idea of confiscating millions of firearms.

However, USA Today has recently published a fact-check article saying Kamala Harris never told that she would come up with an executive order to prevent police from taking firearms. Well, one can easily understand the reason behind this fallacy. It’s kind of a political game that the media wants to play with the American voters.

The press ran an identical piece on the same day, where reporters used a social media post to mislead people. The Facebook post is used to gain traction and deceive voters about the highly controversial position of their favorite politicians.

Kamala Harris is the first person in the American history of a vice-presidential candidate who openly supports gun confiscation. She has always been showing interest in implementing gun confiscation orders through legislation or via executive order. Despite the so-called Factchecker’s effort to divert the issue by fabricating her actual claim, this fact has always remained safe.

According to USA Today, in replying to a question at the AFSCME forum in Las Vegas, Harris straightforwardly denied that she supported gun confiscation. Well, the truth is something else. In an interview with Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket, Harris clearly said that she wants the executive order to put in place to improve the current situation.

How is it defining a denial?

In that particular interview, Harris not only supported the confiscation of semi-automatic firearms but also supported the development of a national database of gun-holders. We can see one thing that USA Today and Associated Press has overseen multiple occasions where Harris always vouched for the gun confiscation.

The Associated Press also claimed that Harris just wanted to back the “renewal of assault weapons band,” and this is an entirely false claim. The assault weapons bans came into action in 1944, and it is only applied to the weapons manufactured after the law-implementation date. Harris is dedicatedly trying to make guns illegal and then making people go through a mandatory buyback program.

On Jimmy Fallon’s show, Harris supported the gun confiscation openly. According to Harris, having a buyback program is extremely necessary, and she supports it. She assumes that there are almost five million assault weapons, and the number could be somewhere like ten million. Thus, having public policy could be the best solution to taking those weapons off the street.

It’s bizarre to see how USA Today cannot find that Harris’ gun safety law would not impose a ban on guns overall.

The real fact is that Police would go to American people’s homes to seize guns if the mandatory buyback program is established. AR-15 rifles are not majorly used in crimes; instead, these rifles are mainly available in most American homes and, the total number ranges between 15-20 million.

The police have already started taking action by coming to the door of the people of California. The restrictions on gun ownership have already made people surrender their guns, and now Harris wants these regulations to be implemented nationwide.

Once the states get permission to ban guns over their aesthetics- since Ar15 shares a similar mechanism with many other firearms- one thing is sure that it will eventually ban any semi-automatic firearms. This is a slow and steady effort to eliminate the ownership of guns in America.

Harris openly advocates this reality, and she has always been determined to implement laws in confiscating your guns.