WATCH: Kamala Struggles To Explain Her Remarks

WATCH: Kamala Harris Tries To Explain Why She Accused Biden Of Racism
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Last year, Kamala Harris, current Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, and Joe Biden, current Democratic Presidential candidate, were sparring over a debate on racism.

During the debate, Kamala Harris attacked her rival, Joe Biden, over his opposition to mandated busing, a policy that aimed to integrate racially segregated schools in the 1960s and 70s.

In one of the crucial defining moments of Democratic primary race, Harris, the daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father, talked about her childhood days growing up in Oakland and California.

Harris said that she couldn’t even believe that Joe Biden is a racist after sharply criticizing his controversial comments on his memories of working alongside segregationist senators.

In a fundraiser event, Joe Biden had stressed the importance of “civility” in politics. In contrast, he had taken the reference of his memories working together with two segregationist senators with Sen. James Eastland (D-MS) as one of them.

Kamala Harris recalled her memory of being a part of the second class to integrate into her school, where she regularly bused.

A year later, the same Harris shared the stage with Joe Biden. After taking an oath of serving former vice president Joe Biden as his running mate in his venture to defeat Donald Trump, the famous old rivals have now become teammates with a common goal.

Kamala Harris will be the first woman of color and first Asian-American vice-president from the Democratic Party if she and Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump on November 3 elections.

Harris said in a video posted on Twitter that she was raised to take the right action. Her mother knew that two of her daughters would be treated differently because of how they look.

She also explained how her Indian mother and Jamaican father made the bond over civil rights. Her parents used to take her along with her sister in the protests.

After the parents’ divorce, Kamala and her sister Maya were raised by her mother, whom Harris always refers as a barrier-breaker and the most crucial influencer in her life.

Harris is also the first woman who passed from Historical Black College and University to be a vice-presidential candidate for a major political party in America.

When Joe Biden was asked about the attack of Kamala Harris saying him a racist, Biden noted that her strikes were a mischaracterization of his position across the board, and he said that he never praised racism.

Biden took a clear shot on Harris by stating that he worked as a public defender, not a federal prosecutor. Harris had been San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney-general.

Followed by Biden’s comment, Harris made a statement on Biden, where she asked if Biden agreed that he had been wrong to oppose busing in America.

In return, Biden said that he never opposed busing in America. He just fought the busing order made by the Department of Education.

In that heated argument between Biden and Harris last year, Biden said that he had always supported the Equal Rights Amendment from its very beginning.

Joe Biden indeed extended the Voting Rights for 25 years, where he got a percentage of the votes. He always opposes the notion of denying people access to the ballot box.