Watch Kamala Harris’ Joke That Fell Flat on Live TV

Watch Kamala Harris' Joke That Fell Flat on Live TV
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On Monday, while in Greensboro, North Carolina, Vice President Kamala Harris tried to make a joke, but she failed—hilariously.

At the Guilford Technical Community College, Harris tried to joke as she discussed the American Jobs Plan. According to her, the administration would be making sure that the opportunities will be made “equally available to women as well as men.”

“Because there’s an interesting fact,” Harris suddenly said while trying to hold back her laughter. “In case you didn’t know, hard hats are actually unisex.”

“Everybody’s laughing,” she continued as she laughed. She was grinning from ear to ear, despite the crowd being completely silent.

“So now the best way—I also believe—to get a good job is through a strong union,” she added.

The joke itself wasn’t funny—in fact, it was cringe-worthy. But it’s hilarious how she tried to make up for her failed joke.

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Gerald S Ladd

She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Then again, neither is her boss, drooling Joe the country killer.


Kamala Harris is so insecure she masks it with the piggish laughter that she injects in the most inappropriate times. She knows she’s in way over her head. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know and is probably more unqualified for the job than Joe Biden was under Barack Hussein Obama. The country needs leadership not an affirmative action hire because she’s a woman of color. We’re the United States. The world depends on us. We can’t have a dizzy female 2nd in command who’s only one heartbeat away from her hands on the nuclear codes. America made a huge mistake last November 3rd and we’ll be paying dearly for that horrible mistake.


If you are a halfway intelligent person and I don’t believe most democrats are you know that UNIONS are the ruination of this country. They are why the country is in the shape and position it is. If the unions would do what it was was intended to do and stay out of politics and money laundering the country would be in a much better positions around the world. Get rid of unions except for the purpose of making sure that the work force is safe and protection from unsafe working conditions and abuse of children in the workplace. No unions dues and the like no contributions to political party’s to enhance the union bosses wealth. When that happens the union bosses would disappear and things could get back to normal and real life can be alive again.

Not Butthurt

Good article, but we already know Commie ela Harris is a self absorbed idiot with puppet strings controlled by Soros and other ilk.
My beef is the repetive lead in to all Next News posts reminding us to subscribe and “hit” the notification bell. I usually pass your posts over just because of it. Run a banner on the bottom of the screen or mention it in your closing comercial.


It is so pathetic to see you stoop so low to criticize Kamala Harris. Is that the best you can do? How did you respond to our last Presidents comments about people who live in or come from “Shit Hole” countries?

Wayne Dasher

Wait, after listening to everyone, and I mean everyone, criticize Trump for over 4 full years every single day, you can take a flying leap off I high cliff. She is an idiot, she is in way over her head and not capable of doing the job as VP let alone potential presidential candidate. Funny how the left can only see one side of every story, their side.

James Hunter

PERSONALLY, I like the way camala’s family came by their money.
Ya gotta love it.


You can’t be serious. Kamala couldn’t rally California to nominate her for president, not even 3%. She is good at one thing…… and it requires her to be on her knees. You are comparing her to this??


We are seeing those ILLEGAL ALIENS/MIGRANTS coming in from those SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES thanks to USELESS JOE BIDEN AND KOMRADE KAMALA HARRIS, who haven’t even bothered to visit the BORDER to see the CATASTROPHIC CHAOS those idiots have created….which, by the way, makes them both total COWARDS! So, PRESIDENT TRUMP was right, they are SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES run by IDIOTS who can’t take care of their own people, especially the POOR and DOWNTRODDEN, because they are too busy taking care of their NICE LIFESTYLES while their PEOPLE SUFFER…..NOT OUR FAULT, IF A COUNTRY CAN’T TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN, WE CANNOT SUPPORT THE WORLD!


Camel-nose Harris is from Jamaica where she was raised with their traditions. I don’t think anyone raised in a foreign nation should ever be allowed to hold an American government office as they bring their government country’s traditions with them… even if they have become an American citizen! Only people raised in America should be able to work in our government PERIOD!!

Maggie Cox

Kamala IS “the joke”, she doesn’t just ‘make them’!


We began voting for the Biden/Harris ticket in the 1950’s. It’s amazing how lazy and stupid we the people have allowed ourselves to become.

John J

The real joke is the Biden administration, the whole pack of demented idiots

James Hunter

Com’on man. killary told us that those people were the best and the brightest.
BULL, the best and brightest of her (and my) generation bled out in the swamps and on the highlands of S.E. Asia. While that worthless whore of a husband of hers was playing footsy with the CCCP in Moscow.

James Hunter

Skrew that dumb slave-trading broad, and skrew unions too.
Gotta hope somebody takes out the trash soon.

Paul Lamothe

Go lay down and do what you do best!




The “Camel Harris” is the JOKE… herself! LOL !!


Well, she is an idiot. Do you expect more?

Bart Ohama

Cum-mala only knows how to use her body for political career advancement. However this ‘business plan’ is no longer viable as she aged. For Cum-mala the only thing that didn’t age was her mind, her mannerism is similar to a clueless adolescent.