Watch Kamala Get Visibly Annoyed when Asked a Simple Question…

Watch Kamala Get Visibly Annoyed when Asked a Simple Question...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Not The Bee reports, On Thursday, Kamala Harris rolled her eyes when a reporter asked about the inhumane crisis at the border. She even repeated the lie that she’s been there. Sure, she’s “been” to the border in her lifetime, but not while she’s been vice president, and certainly not since Biden appointed her to handle the border crisis.

Top Comments:

Her and President Potato Head both get annoyed when they get asked any hardball questions.

America is annoyed with the image of kamala.

Cackle Harris. Sincere apologies to the common Turkey.

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Gerald S Ladd

Ask her how many dicks she’s going to suck.


Totally Useless and Worthless! But then what Democrat isn’t!

old man

The best way to conquer a country is from within.


After her performance I can’t see another woman holding executive office. What an embarrassment to our gender,(whatever it’s called now).