Watch: Joe Biden FRUSTRATED by Tough COVID Question…

Watch: Joe Biden FRUSTRATED by Tough COVID Question...
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Ben Shapiro
– WATCH: Joe Biden FRUSTRATED By Tough COVID Question

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Don’t you just love how people who hate America are running America?

I cannot believe we are only 6 months into this presidency!!!😱😱😱

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Why aren’t these so-called journalists talking about all the ILLEGALS that are roaming our cities with Covid & infecting their citizens that Biden has bused & flown into!!!????!!!!

Lisa Ann Price

you said it they are so-called I think they are dumbasses who think what they say is believable and that we haven’t caught or at least anyone with a brain

Lisa Ann Price

I love this guy because he is just smart and just says what is what it is whether he agrees with it or not but has data to back it up where most of us
just have opinions and I heard crap, people either listen to Ben which I recommend or listen to Ben if you don’t then you are gonna only know one side and its probably not researched enough