Watch: Joe Biden Can’t Form Coherent Sentence at the FEMA Meeting…

Watch: Joe Biden Can't Form Coherent Sentence at the FEMA Meeting...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports Joe Biden certainly wasn’t elected for his oratorical skills. But the American people who did vote for him at least expected their incoming president would be able to speak basic English in speeches and at meetings.

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This guy is finished and we’re going to be stuck with an even bigger waste in Harris.

I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for him, he has destroyed America!

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ahem tonto

Not president, Joe Blunder

Stacy Dougherty

incapable to be President! Not sure what vote he got except a small pity vote!


This makes the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not just look bad, but like a bunch of IGNORANT, DUMB and STUPID people with a so-called LEADER like “STUMBLING, BUMBLING, RAMBLING JOE THE NUT BIDEN”!

Stacy Dougherty

I know its very embarrassing!


What an embarrassment, this senile,frail,old,fool,puppet is a blithering idiot, why won’t some one admit, this lying,corrupt,sexualperv,racist,china,iranian,russian,ukrainian,puppet installed by the deep state, after stealing the election,from Trump. This nincompoop is the laughing stock of the world, and making America look like a banana republic. We need to impeach/remove this traitor from office.

Stacy Dougherty

God said to pray for our leaders except I don’t know how to pray for Joe?