Watch: Instant Karma – Rioter Catches Himself On Fire

Anti-police rioters received help from the police themselves to put out of the flames of a Portland Antifa rioter who set himself on fire with his Molotov cocktail on the 100th night of the Portland Anti-Police riot along with hundreds other demonstrators.

The entire scene was captured by Brendan Gutenschwager, who posted the video on his Twitter account.

The riot reached its fourth month, which began on May 28th, following the death of George Floyd under the Minneapolis Police Custody.

Violent Portland rioters tried to burn down the East Police precinct in Portland last Saturday using fireworks, IEDs, slingshots, rocks, knives, and at least one time explosive. Multiple officers were injured due to the attack by the violent mob.

Recently, the on-going violent riots spread like cancer to the other parts of the city, leaving the citizens in complete jeopardy. The strange thing is that the entire political cover has been given by Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown, who support the groups of rioters for political gain.

The worst thing is that not only are the rioters running the businesses, vandalizing the city, and terrorizing the citizens, but it turns out that Portland City has been subsidizing some of the rioters. A YouTube reporter has recently revealed that the violent rioters have been provided accommodation in a city-paid homeless tent city where the taxpayers provide free housing, phone charging, bathroom, and privacy.

The observers, totally disgusted by the endless reign of terrors, bemused seeing a rioter getting instant payback of his karma.

The Molotov cocktail incident was enjoyed by several people, with some of them even turned the video into a musical montage. One user even included faux side by side.

Someone put the video to the tune of “footloose.”

A near self-immolation activity has even got the hip hop treatment by one user on Twitter.

Another Twitter user used the “Girl on Fire” track on this footage, and another one put it in reverse for a moonwalk style of the fire.

But the 100th night of the Portland riot is not to snicker about.

Portland Police department’s officers and Oregon State troopers were targeted by the rioters who used mortars, explosives, and at least one unexploded munition that appeared to have a cellphone timing device typically used by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Fifty rioters were arrested from Saturday’s incident, and two of them were in a body-armor outfit using walkie-talkie for communication.

A Portland Police news released the detailed report of the terror:

The criminal activity presented an extreme danger to the overall life, community members’ safety and prompted a declaration of war. At least one rioter was using a weapon like a wrist rocket of slingshot launching an unknown object. To defend themselves from the rioters’ violent attacks, officers had to use crowd control munitions, including the use of teargas.

The truth is that Portland is wittingly or unwittingly housing some of the very destructive rioters who have been tearing the City apart since May 28th. Ironically, the taxpayers are paying for their destructions, and it’s all happening under the auspices of the City.

Portland City opened three homeless tent cities for the rioters and one of which is “Harbor of Hope.” The City provides tents, sleeping bags, and privacy fencing around a 20-plus-units.