WATCH: Ilhan Omar Makes On-Air Confession About Trump That NO ONE Saw Coming

WATCH: Ilhan Omar Makes On-Air Confession About Trump That NO ONE Saw Coming

The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, Rep. Ilhan Omar said during a CNN appearance on Friday that she is really disappointed that the Democratic Party is “sending money to less people than the Trump administration” did.

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She’s just mad because she promised all the Somalis free US dollars.

Perhaps she would be willing to return to the people the money she siphoned and gave to her husband

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This is what happens when Muslims and Illegals are allowed into our Government, they are here to ruin this Country and so far have been accomplishing their mission and agenda.

William Simpson

Been saying that all along.


Government is not the solution government is the problem


This Muslim woman Omar from Somalia left her despotic country to find more freedom in America. She was granted citizenship, like others in her case thanks to Obama’s opened borders. She was shrewder than our top politicians by turning our law and order to his own profit and purpose. She helped her fellow Muslims’ friends taking advantage of donations and citizenship to get elected in congress. She might not have a birth certificate from her country of origin and delivered a fake one. She was able to marry her (may be fake) brother to give him citizenship. She played viciously with our rule of law to reach her objective with complete cover- up of Democrats and Pelosi. This woman did not have our western civilization’s education. She is an anti- America, racist anti-Semite product of the Islamist culture. She is part of the shadow blog created by Obama to destroy our way of life and the pillars of the Constitution left by our founding fathers. It is time for answers. What was the impact of the abusive power of the previous presidents to undermine our life, culture and civilization? What was the purpose of BLM and the built army from within shouting Allah U Akbar? Why they demonized our truthful leaders with defamatory words of RACISTS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS and gave voices to the border-lines echoing their private life?  Why they indoctrinated our schools and our kids with negative slogans ignoring the first amendment? and finally why they choose the spectrum of Obama clone to finish their destructive omen on our great America? With impaired Biden our country is definitely under the biggest insidious Machiavelli powerful war from all-time. Like Alinsky wrote: The issue is not the issue. The issue is the Revolution. Be aware and fight for your rights. We may need a counter- Revolution using the same means for our better end.