Watch How Pelosi Masks Up for a Photo Op…

Watch How Pelosi Masks Up for a Photo Op...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Pelosi masks up for photo op in an awkward moment.

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Don’t worry, covid takes a break while she’s sitting down signing. All this on/off/on/off bullshit is pure theater. Either ALWAYS ON in all cases, or don’t bother. Fuck this is getting old.

Ladies and gentlemen, One of if not the most crooked person in politics!

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Why bother? The media doesn’t want to hear anything negative about the Democratic party.

Bart Ohama

For crevice face Pelosi the mask is a necessity for any photo. Her 90 year old skin does not stand the test of time. Can’t fix ugly.

John J

Demo maggots are destructive to America (they are anti American) hard work on the campaign trail will eliminate many of the phony bastards

Doris Frazier

What a hypocrite Pelosi is. And what is the deal using so many pens to sign a dam what ever it was. She needs to go !!!


I hear the aliens came down a uploaded her to their ships, but unfortunatly they rejected her an bought her back.