Watch How Biden Starts Yelling Again…

Watch How Biden Starts Yelling Again...
Image from video below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden yells in his speech crescendo.

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Every vote must count. Too bad he’s not talking about American votes only.

He doesn’t look passionate he looks angry and confused. Friggin pathetic

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Beijing Joe go Yell at It’s Mommy Jill. She’s the One that needs to be YELLED AT.


Yep your vision is clear alright…You just want to keep the same system you had during the 2020 election while using Covid-19 as a smoke screen. Well guess what Bliden the people aren’t going to fall for this sham not now, not ever. Take your Illegal votes and stuff them in your back door ballot receptacle, the one you walk around with 24/7.


needs a doctor to put him asleep permanent


Hidenbiden and his clown show, this embarrassment, needs to be removed, immediately, for total incompetence,he isn’t fit for the job, he is mentally impaired and a danger to all of us,and our adversaries, and allies, the laughing stock of the world.


This POS needs to take a long vacation, preferably on a small island that’s crawling with venomous snakes!! Potato and the “HOE” would feel right at home with their own kind!!!


This guy is a complete Moron, a disgrace to the office of President.