Watch: Hilarious Commentary on Joe’s Fall Up the Stairs


Despite the mainstream media’s attempt to downplay it, President Joe Biden’s fall up the stairs of Air Force One has made the rounds.

Ever since Biden stumbled twice before finally falling up the stairs of Air Force One, liberals and the left have said that it isn’t funny and not a story.

This time, the Democrats’ hypocrisy has come back to bite them, and they don’t like it.

Former President Trump always wisely took his time to walk carefully on ramps and stairs. It’s the smart thing to do, but it would stay in the news for days whenever he did so. Who Runs down Ramps? Besides children?

Social media platforms, the media, and even the Internet would be filled with how Trump had a cognitive decline and is unfit to remain President.

Well now they’re saying the same thing the Trump Supporters or Republicans did: “It’s not a story.” Well it is!

Because just like the Conservative Twins said, the Democrats set a precedent. Again, this is just another example of the double standard we so often see from the left.

Here’s the Conservative Twins’ recently posted hilarious commentary, and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

If that was the Pilot walking up the Steps, would you get on that plane? Great Question! How many of you agree with the Hodge Twins that the writers against Trump or the Liberals are just Stupid?

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biden needs a parachute for his own safety

William Simpson



The”PREZ” is the pilot of our” eagle of state ” the engines are dead the
wings are being taxed to pieces – we are flying blind – what does he do ? He cannot remember which pocket of his flight jacket has the note cards telling him how to land the plane safely. !!!!!!!! Never mind we just have to keep turning LEFT…….


Oh come on now old joe needs the votes next election . Or should I say harris does … but then the delusional democrats just may give her the boot to . First they played off the story of her being black for black votes . But now they say she’s Asian for the Asian votes . Doesn’t anyone question this befor voting ??? One can say what sex they are and now it seems one can pick what race too . Does that mean I can now be a black hillary Clinton ??? Do I get all the special privileges to go with that ??? Let me know ok , I need the money

Lorraine E Blazich

Consider the possibility that Joe’s inability to follow a thought and explain what he is trying to say plus his feigned inability to walk up stares is a BIG PHONY ACT so that he can retire and Kamala can become the president. It all looks like a Huge Phony Act and I don’t buy it for one moment. Wonder if anyone is taking bets as to when Kamala will be sworn in as the next president.

Lorraine E Blazich

correction “stairs”