Watch: George Floyd Murals are Defaced Across the Nation…

Watch: George Floyd Murals are Defaced Across the Nation...
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Dr. Steve Turley
– Are you like me: do you find it odd that members of the very movement that began by tearing down monuments get so upset when their own monuments get vandalized? It’s a strange thing for sure, but that’s exactly what’s happening across the country! In this video, we’re going to look at the multiple instances of George Floyd murals around the nation getting defaced, how BLM activists are somehow shocked when it happens, and we’re going to find out why support for BLM actually drops every time a new vandalism incident occurs; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

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I’m just surprised they lasted as long as they did, honouring a violent thug is sick.

It’s almost like true Americans don’t appreciate crazy criminals being immortalized. Weird.

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bring them down a drug head felon who cares love it when there moved to the dump


First off Floyd should not be Idolized he was a THUG and Dopehead. Chauvin should not have been on the police force but he did not kill Floyd. The Medical Examiner found that Floyd died from his long history of drug abuse not what Chauvin did. Watch the Videos with an open mind and you will see that Floyd was saying he could not breathe before police even touched him. Also if you open your mind and Eyes you will see Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck it was on the base of Floyd’s skull. There is one other group who are at fault for what happened to Floyd but they will NEVER get punished because Blacks blindly put them in office every election cycle. That being the Democraps. Democraps love Union money and if they fire and ban people from Law Enforcement Unions they will get less money. The Democraps won’t do things to hurt their cash cows. What should have happened long ago was Chauvin should have been fired and banned for life from ever being on any type of Law Enforcement team. In FACT he should have been banned from anything to do with Law including holding Public office for Life. The one thing he should not be doing is serving time for a crime he did not Commit.

John R.Gordon

Honoring a thug like George Floyd is like honoring a terrorist!!! It is absolutely absurd!!!!!👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸


The Marxist democrats and their two bit wimpy militants, Antifa/BLM, used Floyd the junkie as the excuse to try to burn the whole country down. They actually had this planned years ago and were waiting for right time and excuse to execute their plans. Now it’s time for the NORMAL American people to use Floyd the junkie to strike back and if it’s civil war the democrats want, we welcome it!

Gideon Rockwell

Floyd was not a nice person and as far as I’m concerned had no redeeming qualities. He did prison time in Texas, because he and some of his thug buddies did a home invasion where he held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while his pals ransacked the house. Nice role model for youth huh???? He never would have ended up dead if he had not done a massive amount of drugs and decided to fight the Police. Bring down all the monuments to this thug and B.L.M.. His family used the incident to get rich off the tax payers as most social leeches do.

Lorraine E Blazich

George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose according to the autopsy.


Have you seen the one where lightning blew the entire wall down right where the thug mural was? Even God knew it wasn’t right.


Dejavue…. Lighting destroyed a Floyd memorial blasted out entire wall it was painted on…Toledo Ohio


What’s even worse, is the drug dealer was sitting in the car right beside Floyd when Floyd actually started dying. When the dealer was questioned, he admitted he had just sold the drugs to Floyd & said if he talked he would be the one to go to prison for killing Floyd. That was in a live video. Of course, make someone pay for his death & make sure it is a white person. Put an innocent man in jail, knowingly, for something he didn’t do. If these fools, actually, think they are getting away with all their crime, they aren’t, because, God is in charge & when their payday comes around, it won’t be a pretty picture.

Dawg Hersey

george who?


I’m afraid that all the stuff that’s been going on, has turned lots of people in the other direction, BLM has not accompolished what they thought it was going to, We are all humans and to riot and destroy to try and get what you want doesn’t accompolish your goal in life, or make people do what you want.