WATCH: Fox News Anchor Shoves Trump Supporter


On Wednesday outside the governor’s mansion in Olympia, Washington, a verbal altercation occurred between a reporter who allegedly works for Fox News and a Trump supporter. According to reports, the reporter shoved the Trump supporter.

A video showing the altercation has been making the rounds on social media. It is unclear how the incident started and how things got heated, but the Trump supporter can be heard saying, “You want to kick my ass?” while pushing up close to the reporter.

The reporter was not welcomed at the protest when those in the crowd realized that he was from Fox News.

During the confrontation, the Fox News reporter shoved the man before the police came and intervened.

“Fox News anchor shoves a Trump supporter outside the gates of the governor’s mansion. He then gets shoved by other Trump supporters before being asked to leave,” Daily Beast reporter Shauna Sowersby tweeted.

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