Watch: Fed Up Business Owners Kick Out the Sheriff


On Friday night, several business owners in Buffalo, New York, got fed up with the restrictions set forth due to coronavirus by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The never-ending mandates have been killing business establishments and hurting employees.

Business owners gathered inside Orchard Park’s Athletes Unleashed gym, refusing to comply with the guidelines.

The business owners kicked out Erie County Sheriff’s Department and a health official who entered the facility. They told the authorities to “go get a warrant” and leave the “private property.”

Video shows the sheriffs and officials complied with their request.
According to WBEN, about 100 business owners were estimated to have gathered before being reported by an anonymous person for violating the governor’s 10-person gathering restriction.

The video began with a man calmly telling the authorities that, unlike them, the private sector’s income does not come from the taxpayers’ and that the businesses must stay open as a means to live.

“I’ve seen clients die because they’ve lost their livelihood,” pleaded the man. “I’m asking some compassion for the people that have lost everything.”

The female health department official responded that they have compassion for the people who have lost everything.

“Go get a warrant,” interjected another business owner, adding, “This is private property.”

The sheriffs looked for the man’s face mask, to which he replied, “Don’t worry about my health.”

“It’s a government mandate,” insisted the sheriff. “It’s the law.”
The business owners then told the sheriff that the restriction is only a statewide mask mandate from Gov. Cuomo’s executive order and didn’t pass through the legislature.

“You have to leave,” repeated the business owners as another man echoed, “You guys need to leave because right now, you’re trespassing without a warrant; you need to leave.”

WBEN reported that the business owners were ironically meeting about the COVID-related restrictions.

Kara Kane, Erie County Health Department spokesperson, said, “We’re gathering information and will have more to say at our press conference on Monday.”