Watch Ellen Scold a Fan as Her Career is Cancelled…

Watch Ellen Scold a Fan as Her Career is Cancelled...

Dr. Steve Turley – Another Woke Warrior comes crashing down! We’re going to look at the REAL reason why the Ellen show has been canceled, how Ellen’s brand ‘to be kind’ is in tatters, and how Cancel Culture has ironically come back to eat one of its own; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

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Toilet paper on the heel of someone’s boot is more relevant than Ellen. It’s about time

Remember when she adopted a shelter dog and then gave it away to a “friend?” The shelter called her out on it. Then she had a meltdown and cried about it on her show. It was so pathetic.

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I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did. When she decided to go gay on her comedy show on ABC the ratings fell so quick and hard she was done within 2 months. Then in an interview she started crying about it. These “stars” can’t seem to understand that the audience just wants to be entertained and they should keep their woke garbage to themselves.