WATCH: Dreadful Videos Emerge Showing Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

WATCH Dreadful Videos Emerge Showing Biden's Afghanistan Disaster
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Ben Shapiro – Shapiro breaks down the latest horrifying scenes from the aftermath of Biden’s Afghanistan retreat.

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watching those kids crying and pleading like that kills me. i can’t imagine what is in store for them

As an American man this shit brings me to tears. Biden is pure evil for this.

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Its all well an good to help others but our own country is collapsing before our eyes. Demanding passport to enter stores demanding non approve shots that are doing harm to many people. We have a very sick government so how is USA going to help other countries when this country is turning into a third world country jts self..Our government is so corrupt its a joke.


All the blood spilled is on Biden’s hands and those who put him in office.