Watch: Chris Wallace Stuns Audience with Absurd Claim…

Watch: Chris Wallace Stuns Audience with Absurd Claim...
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Fox News hack Chris Wallace on Sunday suggested that it’s the Republicans who are defunding the police. Wallace confronted GOP Rep. Jim Banks for voting against the gargantuan Covid relief bill that had nothing to do with Covid.

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As Usual Wallace is Covering For Failed Democrats policies.

This only shows that they wanted to destroy America. Now they don’t want to take responsibility for the stupidity they supported and promoted.

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What a radical,liberal,hack c.wallace is, he is a laughable, idiot.


Chris Wallace has always been Leftist and has ridden on his father’s name. Nothing new or surprising with this nonsense.



Wallace’s allegations deserve no further response. He’s delusional at best.

Marlene deRonde

Every bill prepared by Congress should be on One subject ONLY-!!! By putting everything in one bill, this is how awful governing gets put into place. Congress needs to take a little time to make sure they make separate bills. Geeze, they get paid for doing almost nothing. They need to earn their salary. And, TERM LIMITS….NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS+!!!


Easiest for term limits, which will never happen, institute a policy that no elected official gets a pension. They find ways to kill everyone’s pension and always find a way to increase their’s. Look at Social Security increases each year vs welfare increases each year. People that worked all their lives get less than 3 percent increase each year and those those that don’t work get double digit increase each year.


Chris Wallace is becoming a figure not even worthy of comment.