Watch: Chris Wallace Grills Pete Buttigieg Over False Jobs Claim

Watch: Chris Wallace Grills Pete Buttigieg Over False Jobs Claim

The Biden administration has been promoting the president’s infrastructure plan, saying that it would create millions of jobs for Americans.

In fact, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had falsely said that it would create 19 million jobs.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace called him out on his false claim, as the true number comes out at 2.7 million.

The truth is that “16.3 million jobs will be created just naturally by the economy opening up after the pandemic” and only 2.7 million jobs would actually be created through the infrastructure plan.

Republican strategist Ted Harvey joined Fox News for an interview to share his opinion about how the Transportation Secretary was called out for his false statement.

“I think it’s typical of this administration,” Harvey began and recalled that “This is not the first time they’ve been caught misleading the American people this week.”

Earlier in the week, Buttigieg had pretended to ride his bike into work, but a video came out showing otherwise. Instead, the video shows, he was dropped off by his security detail, “who drove up in a very large gas-guzzling suburban.”

According to Harvey, this was “purposely, amateurishly misleading the American people.”

“And this is just another example of that and goes back to what the president did earlier with this gun control press conference where he was spewing out a bunch of liberal talking points on gun control,” he continued. “But it was still misleading the American people about what the facts are.”

The strategist was then asked about “one of the big concerns with Republicans and some Democrats.” Many believe that “raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent will be a jobs killer.”

In reality, “while some people will get a job through this infrastructure plan, others are going to lose theirs.”

Harvey explains that before former President Trump had passed the tax cut, “the United States had one of the largest corporate income tax rates of any Western country in the world.”

“By cutting those corporate tax rates, it brought millions of jobs to America, tons of companies back to American shores,” he added. “By the administration pushing to increase those taxes, it’s only going to lose more jobs.”

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Bubba Love

Only illegal’s, Muslims, fools and dead people vote Democrat.


Generalizations about Muslims is highly representative of how ignorant one really is and spouting such helps create and add more religious bias as if there is not enough -too much already Muslims have been born here since before WW2 so do not put ALL in the same basket. Keep in mind most of the US military who have engaged in foreign intervention and [taking of lives] in numerous nations over the past decade plus, were raised as US Christians and Protestants!! Thou shall not Kill or Murder…..some police with innate racial bias, on this soil, need a reminder!


All those Muslims who SUPPORT the TERRORISTS and want SHARIA LAW here in the USA are representative of those who made the 9/11 ATTACK on our COUNTRY and they continue MURDERING MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN DAILY in the most HORRENDOUS ways in the Middle East and of course without regret; So Perhaps you and those that think like you seriously “NEED A REMINDER” of just how VILE and EVIL they can be and our POLICE do not have innate racial bias as you suggest BUT it would appear the BLACKS have some kind of BIAS against their own as the majority of MURDERS are “BLACK ON BLACK” as research will show!

Captain Cross

These clowns work us by creating narratives not facts or truth. This was a VERY bad attempt at spreading BS but it’s also typical.

Helga Renfro

Chris Wallace is a disgusting radical liberal and trying to bolster his reputation after the way he tried to destroy Trump. I never watch this clown.

John J

Homo’s are mentally sick and don’t belong in our government


Guess all humans must have to fit within the picture frame for you to accept them. Genes and Chromosones, by Divine choice, are something humans can choose to have by birth. When one plays the lottery/lotto one has the option of selecting one’s own numbers or random machine picks. Either way one hopes theirs is the lucky winner. Well the latter example shows an option.Biology shows no option and humans create their own prejudices and the aftermath impacting the right to exist according to one’s natural gravitation. Name calling to brutality, in all its forms, towards homosexuals is not right, but rather ‘mentally sickness’ and signs of one’s own insecurity. People look aghast at times at those with disfigured bodies, but accept without question others with visual and hearing limitations…Humans cannot create and should not stamp out what they cannot see, i.e. matters of the heart. Humans, impacted by man-made religions, seem to be accepted socially, or rejected or tolerated. No law can legislate true feeling of the heart. So the acronym LGBQTIA only shows the broad spectrum within our human race internationally and once hidden, now surfaced without shame and such individuals deserve equal respect as a human being.


Why is Chris
Wallace giving Pete a hard time? They are both on the liberal team.