Watch: China working on this ‘sci-fi thriller’ weapon

Watch: China working on this 'sci-fi thriller' weapon
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Fox News – Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin discusses a report alleging China is developing ‘brain control weapons’ on ‘Fox Report.’

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Meanwhile, our Military is worried about gender pronouns and such! We are losing!

Does is surprise anyone that China is working on stuff like this? They have been building pretty much all the technology over the past 3 decades. Thanks, tech companies!


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Thanks to Obama and the woke, politically Correct, morons, our military wouldn’t stand a chance against China or Russia, they both insist their soldiers be soldiers not whiney crybabies that can’t figure out what sex they are , or to afraid of saying something that may upset and get one of the Whiners crying . It’s sad to see what these two ( Obamas 2 terms and now Obamas 3rd term with his puppet ) have done to what was once the most modern and feared Militarys in the world

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