Watch: Chicago Thieves Steal $2m from Luxury Car Dealer…

Watch: Chicago Thieves Steal $2m from Luxury Car Dealer...
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The Next News Network РCristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports, Smash-and-grab thieves robbed a Rolls Royce dealership in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood on Saturday afternoon in broad daylight and made off with millions in luxury watches.

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Maybe a few dozen Lawsuits filed against Lori and, whoever sues, Wins Big Time that she might have a different Attitude.

Failed Democrat policies in action


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Well you vote democrat you get democrat disasters. it is the way it is.

You can bet this car dealer has a lot of employees who think they are cool and part of the in crowd voting democrat. They think they are virtual signalling that they are caring and compassionate people. well how is that caring now you stupid fools.

Real caring is help each person to learn to contribute to society.

Fake caring is what democrats do.