WATCH: BLM Assaults A Black McDonald’s Manager

WATCH: BLM Assaults A Black McDonald's Manager
Image Screenshot From Ian Miles Cheong Twitter Post Below.

The protests regarding Black Lives Matter have been on a constant roll for months now. Unfortunately, the protests are getting worse, and people have switched to riots, looting, and killings instead. The situation definitely has not calmed down in Pittsburgh.

A manager at a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh was stopped and hurled by a bunch of BLM protesters. A pretty large group of protesters huddled in McDonald’s. The lobby of the venue was crammed. The crowd was carrying megaphones and other equipment.

In the blink of an eye, the crowd of protesters got into a squabble with the manager of the restaurant. Surprisingly, the manager was a person of color himself. Precisely, he is a Black man, too.

It was not just a shouting match. The manager got into a fistfight with one of the protesters. They were beating each other up. Soon after, the rioter began to shout near the man’s ear. In his hand was something like a megaphone that he was trying to shove into the manager’s face.

The events happening in Pennsylvania are questionable. However, assault is still a felony in most states in the country. If a person gets into a brawl and impairs the opponent’s eyesight or hearing ability, among other things, it is an outright criminal offense.

However, the McDonald’s manager was not just assaulted or involved in a fistfight or a punching game — he and the mob were in a tussle, and there were physical damages too.

BLM protesters have been spreading violence in Pittsburgh for quite some time now. Anyone dropping by restaurants is harassed. People are afraid to step out of their homes. There is so much vandalism and violence happening in the streets of the city.

Of course, someone had to step in the big shoes and do something courageous. It was the manager at McDonald’s Pittsburgh for now. He faced the mob. What started as a scuffle and screaming match could have taken a turn for the worse. Fortunately, the manager was firm and held strong to his ground. Instead of letting the anarchy peak, he de-escalated the riots on the spot. The anguished crowd chose to leave the venue.

Is this violence and aggressive behavior the new normal? If yes, then there’s definitely no room to put up with such a nuisance. How can someone describe this event as a protest? Is sticking a megaphone in a manager’s ear and howling at him a protest? Dropping by a business place and causing absolute wreckage, is that a protest? The manager was merely doing the job he is paid for. Obviously, the police could have appeared and broken up the fight. But can you blame the authorities? The cities have gone dark. There’s at least one act of vandalism in every corner in the city. Even the authorities are tired of stepping in the middle of a riot and taking the reigns in their hands. The resources are dwindling since the BLM riots are scaling up.

If you were to take a close look at the statements issued by the BLM activists, it is crystal clear that they are completely unsympathetic and indifferent to black lives. It is just a game that the rioters are taking pleasure in. Of course, there are the left-wing mouths talking big and speaking of Marxism. They don’t bother checking the facts. The entire Black Lives Matter movement is faulty and appears to be nothing less than staged violence, prepping the way for a bigger political gain.

Even if we are to give the BLM protests the benefit of the doubt, what good have the demonstrations achieved, so far? The country has turned into a red zone with anarchy happening all over. People are suffering, businesses are finding it hard to stay open, and there’s a massive spike in unemployment, but it all seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. The BLM demonstrations have only forced the nation into a worse situation than it could be in.