Watch: Biden’s Note Cards Couldn’t Save Him from Blanking Out Again…

Watch: Biden's Note Cards Couldn't Save Him from Blanking Out Again...
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports, This was painful to watch. Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Queens, New York and Hillsborough Township, New Jersey on Tuesday to survey flooding from Hurricane Ida.

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When we get America first Republicans in office to kick out the Rinos and all Democrats we can put Trump back in the office that was stolen from him.

This potato administration made the Taliban great again.

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R p

Beijing Joey has been BRAIN DEAD and BLIND EYED for Over 50 Years.


I think Old Joe the buffoon that has no common knowledge of anything because all he’s been was a politician all his life only seeking his next vote. When he said they don’t call tornadoes a tornado anymore, I think he was confused about the “derecho” straight line winds that swept across the midwest. He’s clearly a moron and has again no practical knowledge of anything. Nobody quit calling tornadoes for what they are. He’s such an idiot!