Watch: Biden’s Bizarre Response to Defunding Police…

Watch: Biden's Bizarre Response to Defunding Police...
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The Next News Network – Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, Joe Biden drew a comparison on Wednesday between Democrats supporting defunding the police and a QAnon conspiracy theory, insisting that his party backs law enforcement.

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That would explain why the dems are sucking the blood out of America

I’m mexican and even here we know Donald Trump won the election based on My investigation and studies! WWG1WGA

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Dementia,hidenbiden is not mentally fit, to lead this country, and needs to be removed,immediately, for not fullfilling his oath to the country. He is a bumbling,blithering,embarrassment, to America and the world. This laughing stock and clown show needs to end.

Martin Evans

Only problem is when Biden leaves, Harris takes over.


The dems try to tie EVERY gop to the few crazies that are not dem. However, I have NEVER heard a gop elected official or leader support the crazy qanon beliefs yet MANY dem leaders support defunding the police. Even when a dem does not outright support defunding the police, they refuse to speak out AGAINST the idea. Pelosi gives the squad leadership roles further enforcing the idea that she supports what they are proposing.