Watch Biden Try to Explain the Relief Bill, Teleprompter Not Working?

Watch Biden Try to Explain the Relief Bill, Teleprompter Not Working?

Liberty Bugle – Watch Biden Try to Explain the Relief Bill, Teleprompter Not Working?

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The 46th President will go down in history as being one of the worst Presidents in US history. There is something seriously wrong with this guy… = Old age + ongoing senility

he walked away again when reporters started with the questions, probably wont make the headlines now though.

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charles wilkins

That team of his hiding behind the drapes, are socialist as is Biden, interested in making money but could care less what’s good for Americans, he has sold his soul to be a player in the pay for play game. Biden and his family will ever be know as traitors for personal financial enrichment. NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Dems Turn on Biden. (Big League Politics) – President-imposed Joe Biden is already being undermined by Democrats who want him out of the picture and replaced with an individual who does not have severe cognitive impairments. Three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter urging for the nuclear codes to be removed from Biden as they attempt to neuter the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief before his dementia leads to a potential disaster. In their letter, the disingenuous Democrats framed it as if Trump, who pulled troops out of many different countries, was the reason they were taking this order even though he was just ousted from office. “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” states the letter, which was led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA). “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment. “Joe Biden health condition is worse than ever before. And now Secret Service agents have accidentally leaked special information about Biden’s health. According to Populist Press, Former Secret Service And Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino says that sources close to the White House have confirmed to him that Joe Biden’s condition has gotten very, very serious. Dan Bongino Drops Biden Health Bombshell Former Secret Service Agent and Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino said that secret service agents are telling him just how bad Biden’s condition is. On Fox News with Sean Hannity, Bongino revealed the following news to viewers: “It gives me absolutely no joy in saying this… He is in real significant trouble. Everyone around him, everyone knows it.”

Matthew Adams

he needs to go


And put Harris in charge officially? We are in a rock and a hard place situation, with the two squeezing the life out of this country.

Robert Richey

My wife just walked in and told me that Sen. Cruz thinks Biden will serve out his full four years. I watched my wife’s dad from start to end with Alzheimer’s and I would bet the farm that Rip Van Biden won’t be able to even read by the end of his first year.


China-Joe is not only a POS, he is the dumbest POS just above BHO. When is Mr. Cool, BHO, going to unseal all of his records. 2022 and 2024 can’t get here soon enough. The DemoRats are well on their to ruin our country.


Now Iam sitting here wondering who’s worse old joe or me lol . As much as I think of old joe as a idiot , I love watching him trying to tell the country how he’s going to fix it when he can’t even finish a full sentence . Is it wrong of me laughing my ass off at him while he screws up so bad . I mean after all the dumb ass’s went through so much crap to get him there as the standing president of the USA . That used to mean something being the president now it’s just a joke cause of how they lied to put him there and for the wrong reason . Sad isn’t it how they let the country and people down for no good reason .