Watch Biden Get Verbally Accosted During Tour…

Watch Biden Get Verbally Accosted During Tour...
Image From Video Below...

Charlie Kirk – Biden is Verbally Accosted as He Tours Hurricane Ida Destruction

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Apparently a photo op is more important to Biden than getting trapped Americans out of Afghanistan.

If they dont want the boos handlers have to stop taking him out in public

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Dawg Hersey

would have to agree with crowd


The old feeble fool is so senile and demented that he’s not even aware of these people yelling their disapproval of his failed administration.


The more that senile POS escapee from a Delaware nursing home is abused, the better I like it.


Biden and the rest of the vile slugs have dropped all pretenses to engage in extermination of all blacks and non-whites which their history openly displays as seen with planned parenthood, nahzees, democrat-formed klans supremacists from the 1800s to present, socialists-progressives-commies, and other assorted heinous hate groups.As an example, the laughable AOC person rallies around these groups not to “support” them but to slyly institute plans for their annihilation as seen in her poverty-stricken districts, many residents of whom are now dead due to starvation.