Watch: Biden Does The Unimaginable – Reads A Script To Answer A Live Question

Odd interview bloopers have always subjected Joe Biden as the undefeated king. Recently, Biden, the Democratic Presidential candidate, had a bizarre moment on a one-on-one interview with a South Florida-based news station. The Trump campaign accused him of reading a line from his teleprompter, which was only meant as an instructional note.

Biden discussed the Latin American policy with NBC 6 anchor Jackie Nespral in an interview, which will air on Sunday. The station offered a preview which featured Biden going through the “topline message” quite literally.

The reporter asked Biden if he would like to continue the Obama policy in Cuba and his plan with Venezuela.

Biden appeared somehow agitated since the beginning of the interview.

“Number one. This president reversed the –” Biden started, and said that he would reverse the failed Trump’s policy, which inflicted many Cubans and their families. He added that President Trump did not improve democracy and human rights.

In the later part of the interview, Biden talked about Venezuela. He also mistakenly read the words “Topline message” written as an instructional script in the teleprompter and said Trump’s current policy for Venezuela is an “abject failure.”

Biden said that he acknowledges Cuba, along with China and Russia, contributed to the political deadlock to Venezuela, but Trump’s action made no sense. The topline message is that President Trump’s policy is an “abject failure” in Venezuela.

Since Trump took his charge, the Maduro in Venezuela strengthened, and as a consequence, the Venezuelans faced the worst humanitarian crisis yet. Further, a free election in Venezuela is gradually becoming a myth. According to Biden, President Trump’s incoherent policy has undermined the cause of democracy in a significant manner in Venezuela.

It is not the first time that Biden suffered a “brain freeze” during an interview or speech. Biden delivered a speech in Pittsburgh on Monday based on his campaign trail and clearly appeared to have trouble reading the teleprompter.

In the speech, Biden talked about one of the crises under the Trump administration – Birth of the Right American Future! This has always been Biden’s speech’s typical nature – either losing track of thought or difficulty reading the teleprompter.

Further, there was a particular point in Monday’s speech where Joe Biden made absolutely no sense. He discussed the coronavirus issue, but his address is totally incomprehensible.

“COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years, look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s ju-, I mean, you think about it,” said Biden.

Biden probably tried to convey that the Coronavirus had taken more lives in 2020 than any outbreak in more than 100 years. It took more than 180,000 lives in just six months – an average of 1,000 people dying every day in August.

During a speech in Houston, Texas, ahead of the super Tuesday, Biden delivered another big gaffe, the infamous lines from the Declaration of Independence.

Age is inevitable, and with age, we all get forgetful, and many of us even get more inclined to plagiarize. We accept it, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Biden’s problem is that his tongue works way faster than his brain does, which gave birth to his famous moniker, “that’s just Joe.”

His forgetfulness would gravely cause the Americans if he gets elected.