Watch Biden Brags About the Extensive Voter Fraud Organization He Has Set Up


A week before the national elections and the race has turned up the heat. Pressure mounts, and Sleepy Joe has so far done well keeping his hands to himself until a striking slip of the tongue in an interview.

Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has since been showing signs of declining mental capacity months before the election. 

His recent Freudian slip came really as no surprise during a podcast, Pod Save America, admitting the Democrats to have put up the “extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Old Joe’s admission sends over proof that the leftists are up to no good in the upcoming election. Democrats have been planning to steal the presidential seat whatever it takes.

Biden delivered the statement without flinching as if it was just a normal thing to say. Well, we couldn’t argue about that with the left. They pretty much might have done the same thing in previous elections.

In the podcast, host Dan Pfeiffer asked Biden a two-part question. He asked for Biden’s message to Americans who have yet to vote and what the citizens can do to ensure his win in the presidential seat.

It went all south in his next statement, saying, “we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

What’s more comical is that Biden even said the same was done for the Obama administration.

Baffled, President Trump took to Twitter his sentiment, exclaiming, “What a terrible thing for Biden to say!”

Regardless of the election results, the Democrats have already announced to mobilize their army of anarchists and flood the streets of rioters, preventing a Trump win declaration.

“Rigged election?” asked the president. We ask the same.