Watch AOC Demands We Welcome all Afghan Refugees to Our Country…

Watch: AOC Demands We Welcome all Afghan Refugees to Our Country...
Image From Video Below...

The Next News Network – Luke Gentile from Washington Examiner reports, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , a New York Democrat, said on Monday that the United States must immediately welcome Afghan refugees into the country amid the Taliban’s takeover.

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This will not age well. But since she’s feeling so welcoming she should put a couple families up in her house.

She wants more buddies like her buddies Talib and Ilan.

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william Geralds

U don’t give idiots like this attention. They fade away like the smell of a fart.


And AOC Smells like a FART and she looks like a Donkeys Real HIDE Quarter


Isn’t it a coincidence AFTER The Biden Admin AND 46 U.S. Senators already jumped on that?!!
It is a bad idea. And the USA Citizens are NOT being served. We can not keep our country open like Joe is doing. Every Policy and Law we have is being violated in favor of treating Foreigners MUCH Better than USA Citizens get treated. It is insulting. And Taxpayers will pay for EVERY single need these people have. The majority will live better than millions of USA Citizens. Whether a Refugee or an Illegal Alien We Will be FORCED to pay. And these people are being Secretly dropped off in our Communities. None of us voted FOR that. Nobody asked us. And we should not accept it. Our city, county, state and federal officials need to know we want those people sent back to where they came from. Aliens back to the Border and Refugees sent to a country near their home country. The way it is supposed to be done in the first place


Oh boy! And how soon can we get to see public hangings and decapitations?


With you on that Dan. 100%.


It’s past time hanging her and anyone like her. It ticks me off we are forced to pay her paycheck. She is beyond useless. They can’t even get our homeless situated. In fact it grows daily. I don’t care what anyone thinks. KILL HER ALREADY. She is a domestic enemy.

John J

What ever is responsible for electing this anti American piece of shit, must be eliminated