WATCH: Antifa Tries To March On A Neighborhood And Gets What’s Coming

WATCH: Antifa Tries To March On A Neighborhood And Gets What's Coming
Image Screenshot From PES Beats & News Reviews Youtube Video Below.

Infuriated Colorado residents engaged in a brawl, overpowering Antifa communists who singled-out a man in a wheelchair at a pro-police rally in Fort Collins last Saturday.

The veteran in a wheelchair rallied with several residents as they thrust the activists outward the community. Mayhem ensued after the communists grappled the veteran who was also carrying an American flag.

The residents were peacefully celebrating a child’s birthday when the radicals interrupted the event. The intrusion provoked the residents and made them march toward the Antifa, forcing them to leave the neighborhood.

Several joined the march, determined to kick-out the unwanted visitors.

A man was heard yelling at the anarchists in the video. “F***ing communist scum,” he said.

The Antifa surely didn’t see it coming. Not all communities welcome their presence, especially in a pro-police neighborhood.

The brawl lasted for a minute, purely engaging in a fistfight. It was a miracle no one drew a gun and shoot as every typical rally currently seen in the news.

Police authorities responded, signaling the end of the commotion. Several law enforcement officers arrived in the scene to break off the fight at hand. However, even the officials were not spared of the activists’ lunacy. Some were seen in the video to have taken it up with the police officers, and got arrested.

The Fort Collins Police Service spokesperson said that the right to assemble is respected. However, he added that anyone against the law would also bear the consequences.

Julius Philpot, one of the faces in Black Lives Matter rallies, accounted for what he saw. According to him, several pro-cops wanted to engage in a conversation with the group holding a Black Lives Matter banner.

President Donald Trump expressed a menacing conspiracy in the guise of protest on racial justice currently sweeping the nation, and Antifa, the left-wing anarchists, are taking advantage of the dire situation.

In his tweet, President Trump said how the country had been tormented by the far-left, such as the Antifa, looters, communists, etc. According to him, the Antifa will be on the federal list, together with Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Mark Bray, a historian of Antifa at Rutgers University, said that self-defense is a crucial part of Antifa politics. He elaborated that the said group believes aggression is the common denominator between fascism and pro-administration. He added that their mechanism includes advance defense of oneself before it’s too late.

Stanislav Vysotsky, University of Wisconsin Whitewater sociologist, extensively researched and interviewed Antifa. Vysotsky concluded that most people aggressively confront fascists due to their unwanted presence, and are frequently domineered to leave by a large group of people.

Vysotsky reported in a 2015 paper that when fascists refuse to leave, ejection from anti-fascists ensues in any form of fight.