Watch 9-Year-Old Girl Obliterates the School Board Over BLM Posters…

Watch: 9-Year-Old Girl Obliterates the School Board Over BLM Posters...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, A 9-year-old elementary student absolutely obliterated her local school board over Black Lives Matter posters that were placed around her campus.

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The domestic terrorists double tier standard is so ridiculous that even American Children can see it.

Good smart girl too bad more kids don’t use their own mind like this girl. Brave girl!

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Dawg Hersey

Big lips no longer matter to me!


A 9 yo child gets it. But the School Board, No. Lie after Lie. And BLM IS a Criminal and Terrorist Organization being supported buy our Dem Party. And the Biden Admin. This is not about Equality. We already have that. And if you are Black in the USA you have had EXTRA RIGHTS since the Civil Rights Act was originally passed in the 1960’s. Now, BLM has intimidated Schools, Corporations, Politicians and others into changing the Narrative to Equity. Equity is Not Equality. And this issue is not in compliance with The U.S Constitution. And really, if the USA was a Systemic Racist Country, this entire movement would have been silenced long ago. And if you hate the USA so much where would you rather live?
Whatever nation you think is better is where you should go.