Washington Post: No Fact-Checking Department for Biden! Not Needed Anymore…

Washington Post: No Fact-Checking Department for Biden! Not Needed Anymore…
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During former President Donald Trump’s term in office, every newspaper and media outlet in the country made sure to keep a record of all his “false statements” as they did everything they could in their mission to portray him as a “liar.”

The Washington Post even had a dedicated spot on their website that kept track of everything he said that they deemed to be “false.” In the end, it turned out that most of the claims on their list were distorted by them so that they could make Trump sound like he was saying something that he really wasn’t.

But now that the president has changed, they’re assuring the American people that they won’t be holding President Joe Biden accountable in the same way they did Trump, even though he has been proven to have lied several times over the past five decades.

According to the Washington Post, they refuse to fact-check President Biden because they believe he’ll “be like Obama.”

“Trump’s departure also equals an end to having a false claims project for the current president…We do not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time,” the Washington Post told the Daily Caller.

“The database of Trump claims was started a month after Trump became president as a way not to overwhelm our fact-checking enterprise, where the core mission is to explain complex policy issues,” they added.

On January 16th, fact-checker for the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler, told CNN why they believe there will be no need for a Biden fact-check team:

So because they believe he’ll “be like Obama,” they don’t think it’ll be necessary to fact-check anything he says.

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This is all liberal baloney as Trump was more right on facts as any Dem politician. You cannot believe any of this MSM garbage as they lie more than anyone else.

Roscoe Roules

It is the MSM that needs fact checkers! If they grew Pinocchio noses for every lie they have told they wouldn’t be able to hold their heads up. And given their totally reprehensible behavior none of them deserve to hold their heads up anyway. But there will be the end reckoning and judgement where we will all be held accountable for our deeds. Even the MSM will account for their myriad misdeeds. As part of a captive audience, I was forced to watch the ultimate lie machine CNN for about 20 minutes and I picked out numerous lies that I knew were false. Meanwhile the “sheeple”sitting around me sat and watched like the information was even remotely reliable, which it wasn’t, with a glazed over look on their collective faces.

Michael Skok

Mr. Fraud and the Washington Post are pure BS. There’s no need to check on them because their both a total waste of time.

Gloria A

If anyone needs more fact checking it’s the Biden Harris administration. They can produce more lies and plagerisms in 2 minutes, than any other administration ever could. Are you kidding me? They need it more than ever. Every word, Idea, and action is nothing but made up, lies, lies and more lies!!!

Gerald S Ladd

LOL…Now you know why they aren’t fact checking the two biggest liars on the planet.

Jenny Mills

No fact checking the Bidens! Really! The man even plagiarised is inaugural address. WAPO says the Biden is like Obama. Well, Obama did make being a liar to the people an art form. Nobody fact checked the liars of the Obama Administration. Make a list…. no his lies would fill volumes and Biden his is already a 10-volume set.

Mundo El Chuco

Let Not 4get ‘The LIE OF THE YEAR” if U like your Doctor, U can keep him etc etc”
WHO Said That/Made that statement???
I 4got.


The MSM-BS does not WANT to fact check. They may have to cover up the truth or the truth may not follow the narrative they wish to program into each of us.

Gerald S Ladd

LOL.. they didn’t fact check the ni–er either.


I guess 33,000 emails that were DELIBERATELY erased or bleached, whatever you want to call it weren’t LIES.


they are right no need to fact check there all lies anyway we know this 47 years of them why would he change now


These nitwits are absolutely INSANE LUNATICS and they are in power, may God have mercy, even on the leftie communists, they will wake up and wonder what the hell they have done, by that time it will be too damned late, the USA will be in the sewer, all in the insane ideology the government needs to take care of their sorry arses.

Dave Bishop

Disgusting bilge. They portray “facts” like they are true and truth always had to be sought out, analyzed -and usually discounted- when it came to President Trump. And, of course, this discussion was with the “unbiased” CNN.


I would agree that fact checking senile Joe, or any other democrat, is a waste of time. Every one knows that senile Joe is ALWAYS lying.