WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes
Image Screenshot From The National Pulse Twitter Post Below.

A top Democratic data analytic firm has recently confirmed the National Pulse exclusive reporting, claiming that the company firmly believes President Trump will win the election night.

However, in the following days, mail-in ballots will eventually reverse the victory in favor of Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential nominee for the 2020 election.

The company’s CEO, Josh Mendelsohn, divulges the admission in an interview with Axios. He confirmed the prediction by Brexit expert Nigel Farage and The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on their newly launched television show.

Hillary Clinton has already told Biden not to concede, irrespective of the result of the election.

Hawkfish, a data analytics company founded by Michael Bloomberg to support democratic candidates, predicts that Donald Trump will likely win a massive victory with the electoral college on election night.

However, when every legitimate vote is counted, it will be revealed that what happened on election day is just a mirage. It would look like Donald Trump was in the lead position on the election night, but Joe Biden would be taking the lead over Trump when all the mail-in votes will be on the final day after the election, according to Axios.

Axios has also revealed that Trump could hold a projected lead of 408-130 votes on the election night if 15% of the mail’s vote had been counted based on the company’s anticipated scenario.

Only after counting 75% of the mail ballots, which is assumingly after four days, the lead could flip to Biden’s favor.

The specific model predicted by Mendelsohn portrays Biden as the ultimate winner of taking the lead of 334-204 votes.

The scenario is strangely similar to Farage’s forewarning of how dark art operatives are working for Democrats to manipulate the mail-in ballots to reverse the victory to Biden’s favor.

Farage said that Trump would smoothly win the election day and warned that Democrats would weaponize the mail-in ballot system to change the result and bring the victory to their Presidential candidate Joe Biden in the following days after November 3.

According to Farage, on election day, President Trump will win for sure, but the only thing to worry about is the mail-in ballots.

Farage has seen the postal voting system, the British equivalent of mail-in voting, which has abused the entire United Kingdom’s election in favor of the left. Trump will be announced as the winner on election day, but after ten days, once all the mail-in-votes are tallied, the result will be reversed.

Kassam also put particular focus on how Democrats like Clintons, Podestas, and their underdog media counterparts are working so hard to reject the entire result of the election and put the whole nation in chaos, which will make Portland look like a kid’s thing.

Team Clinton is playing a grudge match against Trump, and they have all the intention to assault the nation’s tradition to continue the play. Antifa and their allies are working hand in hand with Team Clinton, which is their sole reason for wanting the police departments to be neutered and defunded. According to Kassam, all they want is total lawlessness and carnage,

The words of the Hawkfish’s CEO definitely support Kassam’s conviction that Democratic honchos like Biden and Clinton will refuse to accept the result of the election.

They will wear the hat of victimhood and lie, cheat, and steal to drag the final result beyond inauguration day.