Wait: Joe Biden Thinks He Was VP For HOW Long Now?

Wait: Joe Biden Thinks He Was VP For HOW Long Now?
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The Next News Network – Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, During a rambling speech in Scranton on Wednesday, Joe Biden accidentally said he was Vice President for 36 years. Not 8 years, but 36 years.

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The guy that keeps saying: “not a joke” is nothing BUT a joke!!!

If you hate my son’s artwork you ain’t American. let’s go Brandon

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This pathetic,humiliating,embarrassment, is the laughing stock of America and the world. We need to get rid of this totally incompetent,bumbling,blithering,mentally unfit,unstable,disgraceful,danger to our country and the world.Impeach slo,joe


Hey the democrats are still planning more voter fraud to keep this joke in power.


39 Years. Beijing Joey was Only in Congress 50 Years and 2 of that was being a Pretending V.P under O’ Butthead Obama.


You know what is funny about these continous barage of stupid statement from the pedophile in chief?

The liberals thought trump was bad!

The liberals committed voter fraud for this freak!

Most liberals still back this nutcase while still hating trump.

Now that is funny!!!